Nyctophilia (2017)

by NervoChaos

Moloch Rise 02:50
The sun eclipsed The horseman rides Come and see Moloch will rise Now I summon you to rise Gates are open Moloch will rise In the name of Moloch enemies will fall In the name of Moloch conquer it all
Ritualistic 03:24
Into the circle feel the vibration Into the circle time for revolution Empower magic, make the call Lords of magic, reveals it all Commanding words Powerful words Master and conquer Ritualistic dagger Necromantic rites open the gates Tributes of blood to the dead Gods Diabolical shades beyond the gates Tributes of blood to the dead Gods We’re the gun chamber You are the bullet to leave its mark on this world We’re the gun chamber You’re the bullet, if you seek peace prepare for war Trembling hand becomes a fist open your eyes, forge your path Not for the weak minded to understand this paradigm
Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam! I see darkness rise to heaven I see darkness hunt you forever I see darkness within the souls I see darkness reigning supreme Black skies forever Bringer of shadows Servants of darkness
Seven royal families Seven traditional houses Seven hell’s gates Seven evil Goddess Sigils command the names Sigils command the actions The love and terror cult Abraxas. They walk the night Mistress of the night Worships the vision Serpents and death Sources of power In the sacred ground words forged to action Blood, bones and darkness forever cast in darkness The lady of blood Season of the witch The lady of blood Satanic pandemonium Hex. Sorceress. Witch.
Light the flame The black flame Follow the path Left hand path Remain in darkness The inner darkness Into the underworld to reign supreme Dark forces will bound blood forever Darkness that will hunt you forever Dream ritual work A magical work absorves your life force Waters of chaos
Step into the dark meet the unholy hunter meet the devil himself that rose from hell To teach the secrets of the night To meet with witches and sorcerers To ride the wild horde of the phantoms To lurk into the midnight hunter The Wild Hunt soul of the black adept The midnight hunter raise from the death camp The Wild Hunt soul of the black adept The midnight hunter executes the masterplan
A new era of evil a new chapter to come Opposition is futile Dark time has began A new era of evil cleansing time has come blood must be spilled There’s no place to run Mundane people light their profane’s purge black flame There’s love in death There’s death in everything Rites of the thirteen cemeteries Rites of the blackest abyss Summon that first evoke Embrace all past elements Summon that black spirit It’s ‘Ordo ab chao’
Hail! The daughter of Anu Hail Lamashtu! Vampiric cannibal goddess Mother of the black flame Forces will be unrestrained Babylonian Magik name Lady of the black reign Bore with seven names drinking blood, draining veins witches incantation tales giving all the remains Primordial darkness Lady of darkness
We are the darkness the army of darkness Out of your suffering will rise our victory Take peace from Earth No love on Earth Take faith from Earth To hell on Earth The sting of loss set aside wounded pride The taste of your freedom give voice to your desire The stain of blood There’s no where to go Stained with the vengeance blood I do what I will all else is secondary Don’t lay down an open door
Lord Death 03:08
Mighty Lord Death by whom all things are set free I cast myself into your arms under your protection O shadow warriors of the left hand path I summon thee I summon the wolves From the hell’s gates Evil forces arise pathways of death and glory Emotional salvation thru death Magical creation thru death Fire up the scythe For the Evil victory
Dead End 02:30
I give my blood, my sweat, my tears. I give you magik, joy and no fears. I saw it coming, don’t need to swear. I see beneath the mask you wear. You betrayed family You know no respect You have no loyalty You spoiled little brat Dead end! These troubling feelings cannot stay. There’s a million chances to get away. No looking back, we parted ways. I’ve seen you through, saw it everyday. Your image can’t fool us so shallow, so narrow minded can’t think for yourself Poopy pants retard can’t think for yourself Multi face coward
Malkuth is your name
 Called "the great mistake" 
Those first realities 
That you'll never see 
Such existence is gone
 A world of questions is born 
You’re all alone now 
Punished after the fall 

Suffering! Welcome to hell 
Liberty! Do you have?
 Atrocity!  Collector of souls 
Pleasure! Denied, you know?
Such existences is gone 
and today you're alone 
not easy to understand 
existence in this land 
World plan has failed 
World is aborted 
You’re all alone now 
Punished after the fall 

And all fades away again!
I don’t care what you need I don’t care what you got I don’t care what you say I don’t care what you are The break The fall The wreck of you No heart No shame No rules Fuck you! Live like suicide “I have seen beyond the bounds of infinity and drawn down daemons from the stars…I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness… The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. We shall dive down through black abysses…and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory forever. Unhappy is he to whom the memories of childhood bring only fear and sadness. That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.”


released April 7, 2017


all rights reserved



NervoChaos São Paulo, Brazil

Fed-up with the entire trend flooding the scene NERVOCHAOS was born on the spring of 96 with the idea of creating an aggressive and chaotic music.

NERVOCHAOS gained cult status in the extreme music scene due to their hard work over the past years, offering a sonic extravaganza in their unique way.
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