Pay Back Time (1998)

by NervoChaos

It's doesn't matter how long it will last. You're always looking for more. It doesn't matter what they say. You always wants more. Self-destruction. It's no solution. Desilusions causes frustrations. It doesn't matter what they think. You're brain dead anyways. Attitude. Help yourself. Get out of this chaos say just the truth. Don't fool yourself say just the truth.
With dirty cash they keep on growing. Abusing broadcasting power. Supported by people that wants to keep on growing away from reality. I hate your God! That exploits your destruction. Steals and get rich without any solution. Misery and violence. Desperate people. Day by day a world of decadence. Terror and anger. Give them a swap. Money for heaven. Intolerance guides religion They're fighting each other but there's no truth.... Don't let them steal away your own brother. Do the right thing believe in you.
Revolt 02:30
Being victims of the brain on the extreme doorway of existence. Science and physic laws apocalipse light to our end. Brain decade. Process and advance. Exceeding human limits. Inferiority emotions insulted. Humanity?! Walking with large steps humanity results in the biggest outcome. Cybernetic chaos Possible to feel your own pain?! Revolt. Humanity?! Being victims of the brain on the extreme doorway of existence. Science and physic laws apocaliptic light to our end to our end to our end
Looking back you'll see I have no reasons to believe. You're a fool I can see. Blind and lost no excuse to me. You can't change the world and you can't change yourself. You're different then anybody else. All these frustrations fucked up your brain. Shame. No self-respect Suffer. No self-respect Fear. No self-respect Greed. No self-respect
Cops, bossed by a child. You can go get fucked! We will insult you you have no rights at all. Beat the shit out of us We're not resisting you. But we'll never forget your attitude. Minute by minute will you survive?! You're going to do what you're going to do. That's all you've got mother fucker. Your authority is a joke Your mistakes weights on society Laughs best who laughs last. You're ignorant.
Pain Haze 01:46
Stopping being aware you couldn't pull another breath. It's the first clear memory of this now , outside the pain haze. That's good. That's alright. You couldn't take pain it's so insane.
Bastard Pig 00:55
I don't need your hate. I have mine own hate. I'm not a desperate man. I know where to go. Bastard pig! I want you far away. Without you there's no decay. I will make a better place. And you'll die in your disgrace. Bastard pig!
Traitor 02:23
You're false. You're fake. Such a lie..... All traitors must die! The truth burns your eyes. You can't hide a lie. Traitors must die!
Rotten Flesh 02:13
Paranoia is in the air. Violence is everywhere. Rotten flesh stops the air. Making love with the dead. You're making love with the dead. Lust, Terror, Mutilated bodies.
Hate Face 01:55
We'll scream thru your emotions leaving you a bitter anguish. It's violence to the bone. The rage of a new age. Your tortured mind being blessed with beauty only to be rapped by today's harsh realities. Utterly mean. The most brutal blasting death in a bliss of ignorance. Close-ups of muggings. Drive-by shooting. Homicide. Embodiment of chaos. How is it to die?! Hate face
Liar, Loser! 03:11
Loser! Is what you are. Always lieing , even to your friends. Do you own the truth?! Your envy shows your incapacity. You ain't going nowhere. Liar! Loser! Your words doesn't mean shit. Your promises are lies. Stepping on the others using them. Without self-control what a fuckin shame. Evil lives inside you now. I'll never forget all you've made me suffer. You're not a man not even a dog. You live a ilusion. There are you again with the same bullshit. You're a liar! A fuckin loser! If you need me I'll fuck you up! Liar! Loser!
Here I feel suffocated by fear and prejudice. A lack in my brain my reality is so insane. What else these society wants from me. I don't have anything to offer. Am I a normal guy?! No way out. No other way to follow. People counts our last days with no remorse. Create your own destruction day-by-day. Strange kind of contribution with no remorse.
NervoChaos 02:22
It's a dog eat dog world. Don't cross the line. Watch out for each others. Have no fear. You're the ultimate price NERVOCHAOS is here. Chaos Deal with fear Deal with pain D.O.A. Why you keep all these frustrations?! We Now it's the time to make your own choice. Face the truth and make your own choice. Don't be a fool.... Make your own choice Come on! Make your own choice Come on! Make your own choice mother fucker! NERVOCHAOS


released September 7, 1998


all rights reserved



NervoChaos São Paulo, Brazil

Fed-up with the entire trend flooding the scene NERVOCHAOS was born on the spring of 96 with the idea of creating an aggressive and chaotic music.

NERVOCHAOS gained cult status in the extreme music scene due to their hard work over the past years, offering a sonic extravaganza in their unique way.
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