Quarrel In Hell (2006)

by NervoChaos

supported by


Tumba Records


released September 7, 2006


all rights reserved



NervoChaos São Paulo, Brazil

Fed-up with the entire trend flooding the scene NERVOCHAOS was born on the spring of 96 with the idea of creating an aggressive and chaotic music.

NERVOCHAOS gained cult status in the extreme music scene due to their hard work over the past years, offering a sonic extravaganza in their unique way.
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Track Name: Horde Of Demons
Destructive storms and winds.
Evil blasts, herald of the baneful storm.
Forerunner of the baneful storm.
Mighty children.
Ancient Ones.
Heralds of pestilence.

Evil spirit.
Evil demon.
Evil God.
Evil fiend.

Hag demon.
Filth-eating demon.
Thieving demon.

Evil spell.
Evil demon.
Evil God.
Evil fiend.

Depths of the Ocean.
From the oceans depth.
Shining Heavens.
From hidden retreat.
Track Name: Cursed Soul
Leafs that falls
are lives that goes away.
Taking and leaving from themselves
marks of created moments,
experienced into dark endless nights.

Death will come.
It will take your soul.
To hell you will go
into eternal pain and torture.

Now it's time to suffer.
No time to regret.

In an altered state.
In the name of Satan.
You are sacrificed.
Offered to the Dark Lord.
Your soul is cursed
for eternity.
Track Name: Televangelism
The call to chaos.
Give your money to religion.
Feel the touch
of thy burning hand.

Blinded by religion.
Trying to reach their dreams.
Not realizing their
freedom is gone.

causing misery.
just hypocrisy.

Heaven cannot save you.
Evil conquers.

in the cross.
for the dark Lord.

You are
the bastard son.
the chosen one.

Priests selling hope.
Pay for your faith.
Manipulated souls
Track Name: Evocations
All the dark souls.
All the dark Gods.
All immortal souls.
I am truly here
to gaze upon.
I pass thru
the Underworld.
I saw my
divine Father.

I did all
the ceremonies
For my
divine Father.
I opened all
the ways.
I turned into a spiritual body.
I turned into an immortal soul.

Wax creature
into a fireplace.
Destroys the weak
Lives off the false.

I'm the one whose name is hidden.
I'm the one that's not going to be condemned.
I am strong and my home is sacred.
I am the one to be reborn.
Track Name: Scavengers Of The Underworld
Many moons ago,
isolated in the mountains,
a small village once thrived.
A primitive tribe
lived in harmony
for many generations.
But now, the time of reckoning
was upon them all.
The long hot days
melted into cold dark nights
nights blurred into day
As the darkly splendid underworld
Is taking by storm the righteous

Surrounded by the cries
the sinful force were awakened.
Unholy terror is unleashed upon humankind.
Terror with a craving for the eternal power
Of innocent souls bringing death
and destruction to all in its path.

A mysterious drought that claimed
the once fertile land.
Scavengers of the underworld.
Track Name: The Ancient Aeon
Necronomicon evoked.
The Cthulhu calls.
Primeval forces worshipped.
Summoned long before.

The Ancient Ones
The Sumerian faith.
Live on in the
magik and myths


Incantations of the gate.
Conjurations of the Fire God.
Conjurations of the Watcher.
Book of entrance
Book of the walking
Book of calling.
Book of fifty names.
Track Name: Putrid Pleasures
Opening tombs,
seeking for pleasure.
Molesting the dead,
your sexual pleasure.

torn apart.
Play the game
rigth from the start.

Mutilated body
out of the tomb.
Loving a body
in putrefaction.

Rotten flesh,
the fragrance of death.
Unholy acts,
in the house of death.

penetrating dead bodies.
inside a cold body.
Track Name: Nailed To The Bed Of Worms
You can’t get away from your fate.
You can’t live without your faith.
is the only thing we’re sure in live.
is the final solution.

Living close to death.
Having your blood freezed.
Lying in a bed of worms,
rotting and agonizing in pain.

under your skin.
devouring your flesh.
on your blood.
by the starving ones.

Nailed to the bed of worms.
Worms sucking your brain and guts.
is your only savior.
Track Name: Everlasting Death
Your spirit wills for vengeance.
Your enemy’s flesh is weak.
You feel the power in your hands,
using your evil creativity,
showing the true meaning of pain.
Taking your enemy to the
adorable encounter of his death.

Piercing eyes with a knife.
Slashing genitals.
Crushing brains with a hammer.
Burning foreheads.

Your flesh is weak.
Slashed throat.
Cutted limbs.
Crawling torso.
Headless freak.
Necro Satanic Cult.

How much pain can you put up with?
What is your favorite kind of death?
Who is your main rival?
Answer me these questions
Suffering is everlasting.
Track Name: The Urge To Feel Pain
It’s all happening right now.
It’s happening here.
There are no more exciting things
to experience than right now

That short instant,
the needle pierces your flesh,
I may have realized who you are.
It’s not getting to you.
It doesn’t hurt you.
And you’re off the tracks.

You feel the urge.
You feel the obsession.
You feel the compulsion.
To feel pain

Piercing, ripping your skin.
Doing things that weren’t done.
Inducing into a self-trance.
Pushing the human limits.

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