To The Death (2012)

by NervoChaos

04:11 video


released September 7, 2012


all rights reserved



NervoChaos São Paulo, Brazil

Fed-up with the entire trend flooding the scene NERVOCHAOS was born on the spring of 96 with the idea of creating an aggressive and chaotic music.

NERVOCHAOS gained cult status in the extreme music scene due to their hard work over the past years, offering a sonic extravaganza in their unique way.
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Track Name: Mark Of The Beast
Nuit Hadit
Therion & Babalon
Maha Kali
Tiamat & Beelzebub

Let him strike. Let him brake
Let him give. Let him make
Let him rise. Let him pace
Let him bring. Let him trace

I am Omnipotent.
I am Omniscient.
I am Darkness.
I am Satan.
Track Name: Sheep Amongst Wolves
This is where it all began. We were a family back then.
You lost your pride and integrity. No more dedication, no sincerity.
No more sacrifices are made. Our brotherhood just fades.
Now there’s nothing you can say. You will just fade away.

You think you are so cool but you are just a fool.
You think you know it all, alone you will fall
You can’t hold us back. We’re stronger, that’s a fact.
Friend or foe, you don’t know what to be.
You are your enemy.

There is no respect. No brotherhood alive.
The test of time has won that’s why I sing this song.
No more sacrifices are made. Our brotherhood just fades.
Now there’s nothing you can say. You will just fade away.
Track Name: Your World's Trend
Hypocrisy is your false moralism.
Histories without sense. Reasons hidden by lies.
Fake actions.Forbidden freedom.

Words corrupting your mind.
False words from a fake wise.
Your soul is rotten and shallow.
You’re born and made of lies.

Addicted to lies.
A trend in your world.
Addicted to rules.
A trend in your world.
Addicted to lies.
A trend in your world.
Your world’s trend.
Track Name: Gospel Of Judas
Emerged from the sands of Egypt, secrets of heaven revealed.
Evil spirit is set free. Sacred shallow christian faith.
Why you believe what you do? Infamous betrayer, Jesus.
Stand against the messiah, damned fucking apostles

Judas no villain. Judas a hero.
Judas the savior. Judas the saint.

Jesus rejected, demonized and decayed!

Burn the four gospels up in flames!
Christ’s death’s a bless
Track Name: The Exile
In your absence, you were charged
Sentenced to burn at the stake.
Your absence became exile.
You could never return.

Punishment. Damnation.
Condemned to Hell.
Everything is lost.
Track Name: To The Death
As above, so below.
The King of Earth shall be King forever.
I am the magician. The exorcist.
I’m the secret serpent. The blasphemy.

Until the fall of the Equinox of the Gods evil forces will rise again.

My color is black, black to the blind.
There‘s no law beyond do what you will.
There’s no law beyond do what has to be done.
The blasphemy against all Gods.
Track Name: Hate
Eternal beast inside awaked my insanity.
Hate unlocked in my veins, three seconds to bond.

Burning blood. Smelling death.
Madness created. Bloody hatred.

Here you are beyond your thoughts.
One more shift, mind out, freak out.
Here you are beyond your thoughts.
One more shift, mind out, freak out.

Hate unleash the dark side.
Hate burning inside.
Track Name: Smoking Mortal Remains
Apathy is killing me. Under my eyes, can’t you see?
Pain is a pleasure to me.
Your bloody actions, my evil reactions.
Kill you, shred you, roll you up and spark it on.
Smoking the dead I’m back to life. Ready to kill more and more.

Your bones will be dust.
In my hands I’ll see first.
I’m smoking your mortal remains.
I’m getting so fucking insane.

Kill you.
Shred you.
Smoke you up.

Don’t try to cheat.
Don’t try to act.
Turn to ashes.
Fade to black.
Track Name: Mind Under Siege
You left us no choice. Face your own mistakes.
In your misery path tomorrow is too late.
Your mind under siege only you can’t see it.
Your dominated body failed to succeed.

I believe not a word. I’m tired of your lies.
You have a selfless life. No reason to believe in you.

You’ve tried my patience to many times with all your games.
Each day goes by it’s all the same.

You don’t get along with anyone.
You don’t fit in anywhere.
You never told anybody.
Mind under siege. Mind under siege
Track Name: Delusions And Lies
My mind is clouded.
My pride is frosted.
My fear is dominating.
Can’t count on nobody else.
Alone and forgotten. Lonesome and forsaken.
I’ve got no choice but to listen to my inner voice.

Say what you like won’t change anything.
You don’t know what I’m passing thru.
Say what you like won’t change anything.
You don’t know what I’m passing thru.
Delusions and lies, everywhere and in everything.

You point your finger.
Never ask for forgiveness.
Take a good look at you.
I know what I’ll have to do.
Track Name: Destroyer Of Worlds
Darkness has taken over.
Dark splendid underworld.
The sun shines no more.
Darkness has taken over.
Dark splendid underworld.
Starless skies above.

Anti-cosmic actions taken to a World forsaken.
Into Hell we will descend.
Black flame burning.
Dark side coming.
Slayers of the light dominate the fight.

Destroyer of worlds unleashed.
Track Name: Warlords Unbound
It’s your last breath. It’s time to fight.
You want to go to heaven, don’t want to die.
Those who fall in the battleground won’t be forgotten.

We fight a war. We fight until the end.
War machine loaded. Go and exterminate.
Warlords unbound.

Body bag.
Toe tag.
Die for your country.
Track Name: Wolves Curse
Old times changing things ain’t the same.
Human nature changing, in the end, it’s all the same.

Life’s kiss of death. Life’s uncaring kiss.
Life’s hollow expression. Life’s a bitch.

Lost. Drifting.
Sailing. Seas of grief.

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